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Understanding the Causes and Potential Remedies for Overheating Problems in iPhone 15 Pro


Complaints regarding the elevated temperature of iPhone 15 Pro and iPhone 15 Pro Max devices during usage have been increasing recently.

Both Bloomberg and The Wall Street Journal have highlighted these complaints from some customers, though the precise number of affected devices remains uncertain.

Reports of excessive heat in iPhone 15 Pro phones began to emerge upon their global release on September 22nd of the previous year.

Bloomberg speculated that the temperature increase in iPhone 15 Pro phones might be linked to the initial setup process when using these new phones for the first time, suggesting that the problem could be temporary.

The Wall Street Journal featured a customer's account of their iPhone 15 Pro Max running hot, even after several days of use. Some customers have contemplated returning their newly purchased iPhone 15 Pro devices due to this issue. Apple's customer service informed them that the problem was temporary due to the initial phone setup, but the issue persisted.

Based on feedback from iPhone 15 Pro and iPhone 15 Pro Max owners, it appears that overheating primarily occurs during charging or when the phone is handling intensive tasks. However, it's worth noting that some users have not encountered similar heat-related problems, suggesting that individual usage patterns might also play a role.

There are reports suggesting that the new Apple A17 Pro processor could be contributing to this problem. Some experts have raised concerns about the iPhone 15 Pro's new design, speculating that the use of titanium material in the phones might have a negative impact on their thermal efficiency.

There is a possibility that Apple will release a system update to address this issue, but there are concerns that this could potentially reduce the processor's performance.

As of now, with no clear or official statement from Apple and their silence on the matter, it remains challenging to definitively ascertain the extent and causes of the issue.