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Dutch Seismologist Frank Hoogerbeets' Contentious Prediction: Anticipating a Magnitude 8.5 Earthquake, Stirring Concern Worldwide


In a startling disclosure that has ignited global discussions and public apprehension, Dutch seismologist Frank Hoogerbeets, known for his penchant for controversy, has issued fresh alerts regarding an imminent and potentially catastrophic earthquake. According to Hoogerbeets, this seismic event is projected to reach a magnitude of 8.5 on the Richter scale and is anticipated to occur within the next few hours. Additionally, he predicts subsequent aftershocks, with magnitudes potentially reaching 6, between September 26 and 28.

Hoogerbeets, affiliated with the geological institution SSGEOS, conveyed his warning through the social media platform "X" (formerly known as Twitter). He suggested that an unusual alignment of Mars, Mercury, and Jupiter may play a role in triggering this seismic event around September 23 or 24 due to gravitational forces.

Following these predictions, Hoogerbeets has attempted to address the widespread confusion and misunderstandings arising from his earlier forecasts concerning a possible tsunami. He mentioned that further clarifications would be provided in an upcoming update.

It's important to note that Hoogerbeets had previously forecasted significant seismic activity leading up to a devastating earthquake in Morocco earlier this month, which resulted in approximately 3,000 casualties and the displacement of thousands. This history makes his current alert particularly alarming, particularly considering the mention of a potential tsunami, which could worsen the scale and impact of the disaster.

While critics have raised doubts about the scientific basis of Hoogerbeets' predictions, the warning has undeniably placed government authorities and citizens on high alert, particularly those in Portugal, Spain, and Morocco.

Amid this heightened state of vigilance, emergency services are intensifying their readiness efforts, and communities are being educated about earthquake and tsunami safety measures. Regardless of the accuracy of these predictions, they have undeniably spurred contemplation about the potentially devastating consequences of natural disasters in a world already grappling with multiple crises.