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Patrick Kielty Set to Infuse 'All-Ireland Essence' into The Late Late Show


Patrick Kielty, a comedian and entertainer, is set to host RTÉ's The Late Late Show, a program known for its all-Ireland appeal. Coming from Northern Ireland, Kielty believes his upbringing will naturally infuse an all-Ireland flavor into the show. He takes over as the fourth permanent presenter of this renowned live chat show, following in the footsteps of Gay Byrne, Pat Kenny, and Ryan Tubridy. However, he doesn't aim to replicate their styles but rather seeks to bring his unique approach.

Kielty's journey to hosting the show began in May, and he sees himself as the "all-Ireland dynamic" due to his Northern Irish background. Returning to a show where he once performed one of his earliest televised comedy acts, he now feels more comfortable addressing serious topics concerning life on the island and its people. Kielty values the Late Late Show as a platform where diverse identities on the island can be represented.

Although he acknowledges the pressure of hosting such a prominent show, he intends to stay true to himself, emphasizing humor and his authentic personality. He recognizes that his charisma and skills will play a pivotal role in the program's success.

Kielty's appointment comes at a time when RTÉ faced challenges, particularly related to the pay scandal of the previous host, Ryan Tubridy. However, Kielty views his role as an opportunity to host the biggest show on Irish TV, rather than merely a part of RTÉ's recovery plan.

Having previous experience as a TV chat show host on BBC One Northern Ireland, Kielty acknowledges that not everything can be controlled in live broadcasting. As part of his pre-show routine, he humorously mentions stretching in the dressing room, as if preparing for a football game, even though he'll be seated in a chair during the show.