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The Mostakbal Watan Party Backs President Abdelfattah Al-Sisi's Run in the 2024 Presidential Elections


The "Mostakbal Watan" (The Future of the Nation) Party has formally announced its support for President Abdel Fattah el-Sisi's candidacy in the upcoming presidential elections. The party's announcement, made in a statement today, reiterates its dedication to protecting the impressive progress Egypt has experienced during President Sisi's leadership over the last decade.

The party's statement highlights the significant role President Sisi has played in guiding the nation through a challenging decade filled with unprecedented circumstances. Under his visionary leadership, Egypt has successfully tackled terrorism, improved security and stability, and made comprehensive advancements in various sectors, including politics, economics, society, and international relations. These efforts have also restored Egypt's rightful position on the global stage.

The endorsement from the Future of the Nation Party emphasizes the importance of continuing the path of development and advancement that President Sisi has set forth. This path aims to usher Egypt into a new era characterized by establishing a new republic, ensuring a decent quality of life for all Egyptians, preserving national resources, and strengthening social unity among the diverse segments of Egyptian society.

At the heart of this endorsement is a comprehensive reform program designed to strengthen the state's foundations, rebuild national institutions, and drive significant progress. This vision is encapsulated in the Sustainable Development Strategy known as "Egypt 2030," which encompasses key areas such as education, healthcare, energy, social justice, government efficiency, economic growth, urban development, domestic and foreign policies, and national security.