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The US President Biden Impeachment Inquiry: White House Provides Clarity


The White House has confirmed that it views the ongoing impeachment inquiry conducted by the US House of Representatives as lacking a solid foundation, as reported by Cairo News Channel in a recent breaking news update. Additionally, they characterized the House impeachment inquiry against President Joe Biden as a political spectacle.

Furthermore, the White House asserted that there is a lack of incriminating evidence against President Joe Biden in connection with the impeachment inquiry. Former US President Donald Trump also weighed in on the situation, suggesting that Russian President Vladimir Putin was exploiting what Trump described as "Biden's treatment of his political opponent" to criticize the United States on the global stage. Trump seized upon Putin's criticism of the charges against him, using it as ammunition to fuel the Russian president's condemnation of the United States.

Taking to his social media platform, Truth Social, Trump expressed his thoughts, stating, "All of this is unfolding in a manner worse than anyone anticipated. Russian President Vladimir Putin is capitalizing on Joe Biden's perceived unlawful tactics against his political rival, who outperformed him in the elections, to disparage America and its erstwhile positive values. The entire world is closely observing the United States as it grapples with the notion of interfering in elections."

Trump's remarks came shortly after Putin remarked that Trump's impeachment trial had exposed the "corruption" within the US political system. The Russian president also endorsed Trump's claims that the accusations against him were politically motivated. Putin articulated in a speech, "Everything transpiring with Trump constitutes politically motivated persecution of his political adversary. This is evident and transpiring before the American public and the global audience. They have essentially laid bare their internal issues."