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The USB-C Port in Apple's iPhone 15 Now Enables Wired Internet Connectivity

 Apple has officially announced that the latest iPhone 15 series now supports wired internet connectivity through its new USB-C port. Apple's website disclosed that iPhone 15 users can employ a "USB to Ethernet" adapter to directly connect their iPhones to an Ethernet cable, granting them access to a faster and more reliable wired internet connection.

This wired connection offers quicker download and upload speeds in comparison to the wireless Wi-Fi networks commonly used. The "USB to Ethernet" adapter enables iPhones to link directly to an Ethernet cable, eliminating the need for a router or the presence of a wireless internet network.

Upon connecting an iPhone to an Ethernet cable, the device settings automatically display an "Ethernet" option, presenting users with IP address-related information and various customization and operational choices. Notably, some devices, such as Microsoft Surface products, already support wired internet connections through the USB-C port.

Reports from MacRumors have indicated successful experiences with wired internet connections on iPhone 15, with some users reporting significantly improved connection speeds when compared to wireless Wi-Fi connections.

It's important to note that Apple also offers the option of wired internet connections on older iPhone models by using a "Lightning to Ethernet" adapter.

The inclusion of the new USB-C port in the iPhone 15 series offers a wide range of advantages, including the ability to connect to various accessories and cables without restrictions and the capability to charge both iPhones and other Android devices.