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Third 2023 Eruption Recorded at Kilauea Volcano


In Honolulu, Hawaii, the Kilauea volcano, renowned as one of the most active globally, experienced its third eruption of 2023 on Sunday afternoon. Currently, this eruption is contained within the volcano's crater, but authorities have elevated the alert status to "warning" and the aviation code to "red."

The eruption commenced around 2:00 PM local time and was accompanied by a series of seismic tremors. Footage captured by webcams situated at the volcano depicted cracks emerging on the crater floor, from which lava started to flow.

Officials have stated that the eruption does not present an immediate threat to populated areas. However, they are cautioning residents to steer clear of the vicinity due to the risk of exposure to ash and other volcanic emissions.

Kilauea is situated on the Big Island of Hawaii and forms part of the Hawaii Volcanoes National Park. The volcano is renowned for its recurrent eruptions, which have caused substantial destruction in the past.

In 2019, a sequence of earthquakes and a significant eruption at Kilauea resulted in the destruction of numerous residences and businesses. The volcano also erupted in January and June of this year.

Authorities are closely monitoring the situation at Kilauea and will provide further updates as necessary.