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Olivia Rodrigo's "Guts" Album Track Draws Inspiration from Best Friend Madison Hu


Olivia Rodrigo has shared the inspiration behind one of the tracks on her latest album, "Guts." The 20-year-old singer revealed that her song "Logical," a ballad about a manipulative lover, was inspired by a conversation with her best friend, Madison Hu.

Despite the assumption that Olivia's lyrics are often about her own experiences, she explained during an interview on Radio 1's Live Lounge that Madison served as her "muse" for the song. Olivia and Madison initially met while working together on the Disney Channel show Bizaardvark.

The creative spark for "Logical" came during a night out when they were discussing one of Madison's relationships. Madison used the phrase "it's just not logical" in their conversation, which struck Olivia as interesting and relatable. She decided to incorporate that life experience into the song, acknowledging that she owes a lot to Madison for the inspiration.

Olivia playfully warned her friends that they should be prepared for a song to be written about them, although she noted that the songwriting process varies with each track. She emphasized the importance of working closely with her creative partner, Daniel Nigro, to maintain a personal and authentic touch in her songs.

"Guts," Olivia's second album, debuted at number one upon its release. Olivia is known for her relatable lyrics, but she believes that leaving some details open to interpretation allows a broader range of people to connect with her music.

She recently kicked off Radio 1's Live Lounge Month with a performance of "get him back!" followed by a cover of Noah Kahan's "Stick Season." Interestingly, Noah Kahan was surprised by Olivia's cover of his song and expressed his excitement on Instagram. It's worth noting that Olivia's live session was recorded in Los Angeles about a month ago, rather than at the BBC studios in London.