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Young Egyptian Actor and Director Ahmed Samy El-Adl Passes Away Due to Sudden Heart Failure


Ahmed Samy El-Adl, a young Egyptian actor and director, and the son of the late renowned actor and producer Samy El-Adl, has tragically passed away on Saturday morning due to sudden heart failure, as confirmed by his family.

His medical condition was likely linked to previously identified blood clots in his lungs, which were a consequence of a prior COVID-19 infection, according to his family's statement.

Ahmed El-Adl, who was in his thirties, had been scheduled for surgery to address the blood clots that were affecting the performance of his heart.

He came from a highly respected family of artists, with uncles Gamal El-Adl and Mohamed El-Adl being well-known producers, and Medhad El-Adl being a screenwriter.

Ahmed El-Adl embarked on his career as an assistant director in television series such as "Foo' Mostawa El-Shoboohat" and "Nesr El-Saeid," among others. He was also involved in the production of the TV series "U-Turn" in 2022.

In addition to his work behind the camera, he ventured into acting, making his TV debut in the series "Jews Alley" in 2015 and appearing in "Above Suspicion" in 2016.

Ahmed was also active as a DJ, performing at various venues and nightclubs in Arab and European countries.

His father, Samy El-Adl, had passed away in 2015 due to circulatory problems, marking a tragic loss for their family and the entertainment industry.