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LG's Bold Evolution: The Outlook for webOS in 2023 and Beyond


During the 2023 webOS Partners Summit, LG introduced its ambitious vision for the future, with the aim of establishing a strong presence in the media and entertainment platform sector, positioning itself as a formidable competitor to companies like Samsung. LG has outlined plans to invest $753 million in the webOS operating system over the next five years as a key component of this transformation.

According to LG's vision, this transformation is intended to enrich the lives of consumers by offering valuable services and a distinctive array of content across LG's product range, including LG OLED and LG QNED TVs. As part of this new strategy, LG intends to broaden the scope of the webOS platform to encompass various other product categories. The company has set a target of having 300 million devices operating on webOS within the next three years, a significant increase from the current count of 200 million.

LG believes that this substantial investment will enable the delivery of a more extensive range of content and services that cater to the diverse lifestyles and preferences of consumers. The company is committed to enhancing the user experience by refining both the user interface and user experience, while also fostering stronger partnerships with global content production companies.

Furthermore, LG is placing a strong emphasis on innovation in AI-driven search and recommendations. As part of this initiative, LG plans to integrate voice user interface capabilities into partner applications. This feature will empower users to easily control and navigate external content applications through webOS, streamlining the process of discovering new content effortlessly.

To realize its objectives, LG is collaborating with educational institutions in South Korea to nurture the next generation of software talents and is actively recruiting software professionals from around the world. LG's ultimate goal is to provide personalized experiences that cater to the unique preferences and lifestyles of each customer, while ensuring that its products remain accessible to a wide audience.

Based on LG's strategy, it is evident that the company is prioritizing the enhancement and expansion of the webOS platform, particularly in the context of OLED and QNED TVs, as it transitions into a media and entertainment-centric organization. This strategic shift could potentially have implications for Samsung, potentially allowing them to gain a larger share of the consumer electronics market.