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TikTok Unveils AI-Driven Creative Assistant Tool for Advertising Professionals


TikTok has introduced a new AI-powered creative assistant tool as part of its advertising toolbox. This tool is designed to assist marketers throughout the campaign creation process, connecting them with relevant examples and resources, and even aiding in generating ad text templates using TikTok's Creative Center.

Marketers can make use of the creative assistant to analyze data, receive recommendations, brainstorm ideas, and seek guidance on best practices for the platform. It simplifies content creation by providing data-driven insights to help create effective and engaging advertising campaigns, utilizing TikTok's creative insights.

The creative assistant offers easy access to TikTok's existing features within the Creative Center, offering relevant sections and resources while suggesting ad copy and recommendations for live broadcasts.

TikTok explains that this innovation allows marketers to communicate and collaborate with the tool during the creative process, drawing on a vast repository of creative knowledge specific to TikTok. It offers relevant answers when creating ads or videos for the platform.

The creative assistant provides guidance based on industry best practices, displays high-performing ads in your niche, and can generate ad text. It streamlines the process of locating these options within TikTok's Creative Center.

TikTok had previously introduced an ad text generator tool in June, and the ad database has been available since 2021. While these options were already accessible to advertisers, the new tool makes it quicker and more convenient to access all these features.

TikTok emphasizes that this creative assistant tool is now available to all users who have logged into the Creative Center, accessible via an icon in the upper right-hand corner of the screen.