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Electric Vehicle Company Supported by Beckham Resumes Operations


A company supported by David Beckham, specializing in converting classic cars to electric power, has resumed operations. Lunaz, situated at Silverstone Park in Northamptonshire, halted production in March, citing delays in the prohibition of petrol and diesel vehicle sales as the cause. The company has now announced a new organizational structure aimed at ensuring the long-term sustainable growth of the business.

Established in 2019 by David Lorenz, Lunaz initially focused on converting classic cars to electric power but later expanded its scope to include industrial vehicles and trucks. Beckham became an investor in the company and tasked it with converting one of his own cars.

In March, Lunaz ceased production due to the government's decision to postpone the ban on petrol and diesel vehicles from 2030 to 2035. As a result, the division responsible for converting bin lorries to electric power entered administration. Lunaz stated it was restructuring its business and operations to adapt to changing market conditions.

Now, the company has announced the resumption of passenger vehicle conversions under the Lunaz Design brand at Silverstone Park. Conversions of commercial vehicles will continue under the Up-cycled Electric Vehicles brand, with trials of the first products scheduled for this summer. Lunaz also revealed that the initial trials would involve the world's first fully up-cycled and electrified 26-tonne commercial trucks used as refuse collection vehicles.

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